Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend My husband and I crossed the border into the US.
We drove as far as Rochester New York, did a little shopping, a little eating, and a bit of sightseeing.
The weather wasn't all that great and we had a shower or two. We usually just take the I90 to wherever our destination is, but my husband decided he would like to take Route 104 which was a more scenic route through the countryside. It was a good choice for the scenery and the slower pace.
Our first stop was at a little Inn called The Garland House in Brockport. It was a quaint older home converted to a small restaurant and pub, inside it was decorated with vines and garland swags, nice but could use updating. The food was good, staff were friendly and the patrons chatted with us about where to go, points of interest,shopping, and lodging. Good way to spend a hour.
The rest of the day we did a little shopping, hubby got his new hiking boots, and I got a pair running shoes plus a protective case for my Iphone (half the Canadian price).
By 5oclock we were tired and found a hotel, had dinner and settled in for the night..

Sunday, we awakened bright and early..had a king size bed but it was hard so neither of us slept well, enjoyed a good breakfast and headed out to find a few places we sourced in hotel flyers.
We found a wonderful store called Craft Antique Co-op, there is over 200 shops filled with local artisans, antiques, and treasures. We were in our element and browsed the shops looking for anything and nothing. My hubby found a reprint edition of Gone With The Wind 1954 WOW...
I love that book and the movie of course, I have the collectors edition from about twenty years ago and now to see this copy I was ecstatic, he made my day..
I did get a few small older cookbooks, I will try to frame them and hang them in my kitchen. I saw this done in a magazine and liked it.
Hubby also picked up an old Mathematics book written in 1877, he found it to be unique and enjoyed thumbing through it.
We don't collect old books, but our meager purchases delighted us and as we are moving closer to retirement age, we have a new rule... if something comes in...something must go out...
We just remind ourselves that we can't clutter a motor home...
Our next stop was a store called Liberty Hollow, there was more of the same and we browsed the shops picked up a plaque for my niece and started towards home.
We enjoyed a light lunch and then my husband used a GPS to navigate us home, programmed it to avoid toll highways... only problem all the borders have tolls into Canada... oops! we were headed on a wild goose chase half around the US, but not in the direction of home.
Finally after an illegal U-turn and a hour out of our way we were going in the right direction and made it home before dark..

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Will, we have returned from a wonderful week out west in Saskatchewan. We visited with our daughter, her family and friends.
The flight out was marvelous, from Winnipeg to Regina we flew on a small jet and wow what a view of the prairie provinces! We were able to see how vast an area it is and I loved looking at the river as it flowed with such great twists and turns. This phenomenon I am told is called Oxbows...An oxbow lake is a U-shaped body of water formed when a wide meander from the mainstem of a river is cut off to create a lake. This landform is called an oxbow lake for the distinctive curved shape that results from this process. By itself, the word oxbow can also mean a U-shaped bend in a river or stream, whether or not it is cut off from the mainstream.[1][2]
As it happens our daughter and her husband live in the lovely town of Oxbow Sask.
I was amazed by the views and my husband and I tried taking picture from our seats, they may not be clear but hopefully you can get the zest of the vastness of the land mass and the river meandering.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter

Today is the start of a well deserved Vacation for my husband and me.
We are visiting our daughter and her family, can't wait to see the grandchildren.
Stacie, who's 2 is the youngest of our 6 grandchildren and we haven't seen her since she was a baby. Baillie is now 8 years old and is a great Figure Skater, she captured 2 Regional Gold Medals in her age group last month for Dance and Compulsory.
Yesterday was a sad, and depressing day at my workplace, we became another victim of the Global Economic Crisis... 317 employees got their pink slips. We knew it was a possibility, but were hoping things would not come to this.
I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and a Happy Spring!!!
Try and spend time with your Family and Friends this Easter, and be ever so grateful for what we do have, and never envious of what someone else has...
God Bless

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Card Making Class

This morning I attended a stamp a stack class. We made 12 cards, 6 different designs. It was great!
The morning whizzed by and before we realized, it was 1:00 pm. I met new friends, shared ideas, and the creative juices flowed... what a way to start a weekend...
Today it is very windy and cold outside, hopefully old man winter will just blow away with the wind.. can't wait to enjoy the back yard, plant flowers, and fire up the grill.
I have not mastered the art of posting pictures on my blog yet, but I going to try and add pictures of the cards I made this morning, so here goes...

Friday, April 3, 2009

My blog title

Having grown up on the East coast of Canada, I am well aware of the low growing stunted trees we call Tuckamore. These trees are usually found along the wind swept coast and have branches on the leeward side. The branches are interwoven which makes a very dense foliage, usually dwarf junipers, spruce, or fir.
When I decided I would like to write a blog, I wanted a name that would reflect my heritage and immediately thought about the Tuckamore trees of my childhood.
The Tuckamore always looked as if it was just hanging on the edge, arms extended and floating in the wind, free.

Monday, March 30, 2009

New Renovated Gym

Last week I received an invitation to attend the grand reopening of my newly renovated gym.
I was so excited because I've been waiting 22 months for this day.
Alas it was here, but to my amazement, as I drove in the parking lot all I could see was a wall of people standing outside in the cold, waiting their turn to go inside.
I knew then and there that I was not going to stand outside in the cold and wait my turn.
I turned my car around and headed back home, only to wait yet another day before seeing the inside of the newly renovated gym. Oh well, back to the alternative club for another while.
I am a fan of Dancing with the Stars, can't wait for the show tonight. I've been watching it since the first season and have not been bored with it yet, it just gets better. The dance off is the exciting thing that has been added this season and it appears to be a hit.
Lastly I need to complete my Easter cards and get them in the mail. I will post pictures of my cards in the next day or so.